Artemis WebReporter

A website monitoring service for financial service providers to identify, understand and minimise the risk of potentially non-compliant published website content by scanning and analysing websites

  • Every financial service provider needs compelling websites
  • Compelling, content-rich websites that are frequently updated increase non-compliance risk
  • It has never been more important to ensure website content is compliant


  1. Automatically identify potentially non-compliant content on websites.
  2. Review content against legal requirements & ASIC regulatory guides.
  3. Generate a priority list of problematic content to be fixed.
  4. Written report issued every 30 days summarising activity and findings.
  5. Access full statistics and analytics online at any time.
  6. Tools to track and manage website content 'fixes'.
  7. Stand-alone service - no tech integration required.


Sign up for a 12 month subscription and receive:

  • Periodic scans of nominated websites.
  • 12 written reports summarising results every 30 days.
  • Online access to the Artemis solution to view detailed statistics and analytics, and manage remediation tasks.
  • Plans and pricing available to suit different needs – contact us for more information.

It is so easy to get started! No technical integration with existing IT systems is required. Simply tell us:

  • The websites to be reviewed.
  • The compliance team member to receive the written reports, access the detailed statistics & analytics and task manager capabilities online via the Artemis console.

Schedule a demo of Artemis WebReporter to start managing the risk of non-compliant content already published on your websites today

Artemis Compliance Manager

A cloud based workflow management platform that delivers automated real-time compliance analytics to content authors as content is being produced (and importantly prior to publication)

  • The rapid growth of digital marketing by financial service providers is creating new opportunities
  • However relevant and effective digital marketing which is published quickly, distributed widely and authored by many people poses a significant compliance challenge for financial service providers
  • This is exacerbated by the expectation of a quick approval ‘turn-around’, ad hoc review and approval processes and increased regulatory scrutiny


  1. Content discovery tools help content creators to generate relevant content.
  2. Automated real-time ‘as content is authored’ review against legal requirements & ASIC regulatory guidelines provides training and reduces compliance workload.
  3. Online review and approval task manager efficiently and seamlessly connects content authors and compliance teams.
  4. One interface to publish approved digital marketing content simultaneously to multiple digital channels (such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube video channels, email and online blogs).
  5. Detailed statistics, analytics and insights accessible online at any time.
  6. Full tracking and audit trial of the pre-publication review and approval process.


  • Sign up for 12 month subscription to proactively manage compliance risks associated with production of marketing content across multiple digital channels.
  • Plans and pricing available to suit different needs – contact us for more information.

Schedule a demo to understand how the Artemis Compliance Manager can help you proactively mitigate the risks of producing and publishing non-compliant content across multiple digital channels today

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